Seven history of high heels You Should Know

History of high heels could not be separated from women and had been started from thousand years ago. Although this high heels shoes often cause painful when used, but these shoes also symbolize social status and beauty of women. This page shows you the high heels story started from ancient time.

1. Ancient heels in 4000 BC

History of high heels started from the Ancient Egyptian civilization around 4000 BC. On that time high heels were used by the butcher animals. They wore heels to avoid their feet to get dirty from the remains of animal slaughter.

Seven history of high heels You Should Know

2. The Heel Death, around 1400 up to 1600

History of high heels around 1400 until 1600 was called the heel death. It was because in this period, high heels shoes were made with very thickness heels. These were called chopines. Formerly chopines become a trend in Turkey, Italy and Spain. These heels had 5 until 36 inches of tall. The higher the heel a person had, the higher the social status she had. In this period, heels were also used to avoid the girl’s dress from dirty caused by mud. However, the using of these heels was also aimed to control the women. By wearing these high shoes, women would be difficult to run away from home or do bad action at the time. Chopines had won award as frightening death shoes.

3. High Heels in 1519 up to 1589

History of high heels happened when the French queen Catherine de Medici control the French Kindom in 1519 until 1589. The queen was so short, so she decided to wear high heels to make her body to be more comfortable and confident. Moreover, by using these, queen Catherine de Medici also felled more elegant, powerful and attractive.

4. Red heels in 1701

History of high heels in this period was worn by Louis King in 1701.  The king’s real name was Regina George. He was included to be one king they see each other less than him. In his leadership, the only people who have the power, his men, and those who sit in the seat of the monarchy were allowed to wear these red heels. This shoe is represented as a symbol of power and wealth.

5. Heels Modern in 1954

Modern high heels story are started in 1954. At the first time, Roger Viewer only worked to Christian Dior Company. She asked me whether he need help from me or not? Moreover, the heels are designed to be so high in 2013. Right now, The Modern heels are decorated to be so glamour jewels with luxurious and beautiful view.

Seven history of high heels You Should Know 2

6. Supermodel Heels in 1993

In this period, the history of high heels comes around so closed. The supermodel was used the gown the high heels in around 1950 to make you friend stay long to be here. Nevertheless, Supermodel High heels also work better with glamorous and luxurious gems. Supermodel Naomi Campbell was falling on the catwalk of Vivienne Westwood when she wears the Super Elevated Gillie shoe with nine inches tall and four-inch platform.

7. The it Girl and Celeb heel

Right now, history of high heels is never absent to grace Hollywood female celebrities’ feet. Christian Louboutin is synonymous with red-soled shoes stiletto are being one of their favorites. These shoes are claimed to make the legs become sexier.

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