Simple Clear High Heels

High-heeled shoes is familiarity women, can’t be separated. Fashion career women and women often found wearing high heels. High heels are synonymous with femininity is like a double-edged sword, on the one hand can make the wearer look attractive and have better posture, on the other hand, high heels can cause pain in the knee and foot. For beginners wear high heels certainly have complaints, because the heel and calf pain. This often happens when the user is not familiar with. But innovation does not stop because these shoes are very attractive to many women. The most unique innovation is the clear high heels.

Best Clear High Heels

Trend of women shoes today are continue to the new experience growth from season to season. The model is also nice for the things and the look more glamorous. Almost every woman often wears and changes the type of shoes every time. Style and type of footwear is countless, especially for women. Of all kinds, clear high heels really have become part of the lifestyle of every modern woman. The form is interesting, beautiful, be able to attract many women to wear.

Some argue about this type of shoe heels clear to say a little uncomfortable when worn, but we are able to see the glamour of the most sought after because this clear high heels will show the beauty of the wearer heels. All of it of course will beat previous models because of the glamour high heels preferred clear trend heels. By wearing the clear heels make women the confidence level will increase.

Stripper Shoes

Clear high heels have become one of the trends of high-heeled shoes that are very unique. This kind of high heels is actually very synonymous with high heels are commonly used by the stripper. Then the high-heeled shoes can be called also with stripper shoes. Many innovations are being made to clear this kind of heels as filled with a colored liquid, flashing lights and even filled with fish. This shoe is an innovation that is very unique with all sorts of additions unusual.

Simple Clear High Heels

Transparent High Heels

Clear high heels are shoes made of a transparent material. High heels are very suitable for women who have a tendency toward something glamorous. Because of these kinds of high heels are transparent, so for those of you who have beautiful legs very suitable for this use high heels. These shoes will surely make you look more look glamorous and luxurious look. Women can’t be kept away from things related to fashion. From the toe to the head of the woman did not escape from fashion.

The uniqueness of clear high heels is actually seen from the transparent color dominant contained on this type of shoe. These high heels can have many designs and can actually be combined with other colors. Due to the transparent color will make your legs look and the like do not use anything. The materials used for the footing is usually made of acrylic and some are a mixture of designs in prints and embellished so that adds high heel is more attractive.

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