Six Selected Short Hairstyle for Women Over 40

When most of the women went aged more than 40 years old, most will have problems deciding the appearance of their hair. This is because, the appearance of hair looks is more difficult to make than when they were younger. Some want to keep having long hair and others choose to have short hair. In fact, mostly women in 40s will choose the second option. Well, in the following paragraphs we present many options of short hairstyles for women over 40 that can be chosen.

short hairstyles for women over 40

Well, actually what are kind of looks that supposed to be shown in woman’s hair style in their 40s? Typically, the majority of women over 40 years old will request a professional hair stylist in hair salon some hair appearances such as hair styles that could give the impression of chic, natural, modest and professional but still fashionable, bold, even to an appearance that shows their sexiness. Associated with the effect of hair styles as described previously, here are some short hairstyles for women over 40 that can provide these effects.

Layered Back Sweep & Shoulder Length Beauty for Fresh but Modest Looks

The first short hairstyle for women over 40 recommended is layered back sweep. It is a hairstyle with layers corrugated medium to the back. This hairstyle is chosen by those who want a hair style that can give the effect of fresh yet mature. This hairstyle is suitable for any face shape. Besides, the design and the length types for this hair style are quite varied. Another hairstyle that can give fresh and modest looks is shoulder length beauty. Both can be designed with a length not exceeding the shoulder. Besides, same as the previous hairstyle, this kind of short haircut for women in 40s also plays a mix of three things; they are curls, layers, and highlights.

Angled bob & cutie cropped for Fashionable and Stylish Looks

These types of hair style are a kind of haircuts for those who want fashionable and stylish effect. These short hairstyles for women over 40 are well suited to those who have straight hair and thin. With a combination of highlights and medium cut layers, the hair volume which is initially thin will looks full. On the other hand, you can choose a cutie cropped hair style that will make the appearance look more cute and simple but still fashionable and stylish. In addition, this hairstyle is suitable for all types of face shapes and skin colors. The hair style will be more flattering to be applied for those who have straight hair.

short hairstyles for women over 40 2

Retro style & classically simple

Some types of women over 40’s short hairstyle favored from the past are retro style and classically simple hairstyles. The first hair style is suitable to be applied to black woman who have thick and coarse hair types. With this hair style, they will look glamorous. Another type of short hair style for women over 40 that can give the effect of glamour but still professional is classically simple hair style. The hair style is often chosen by those who have jobs as teachers or other professional works.

Those are the reference for those who still confused to choose short hairstyle for women over 40. Replace haircut at the age of 40 years, you should pay attention to a wide selection of hair styles that suits your best. Besides, it would be better if you choose a beauty salon professional hair so the possible disappointed levels of you can be further reduced.

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