Some Famous and Legendary Swiss Watches Brands: Artistic and Durable

Besides the military knife, watch is the other notable product of Swiss. Watch is regarded as the functional fashion item. It can remind you of the time as your performance will be enhanced too. Swiss watches are often regarded as the best watches. The watches have been produced since centuries ago and it survives until this present days. The hard and difficult process tells the world the quality and durability the watches have. That’s why there are abundant of famous Swiss Watches Brands. Check them out.

Swiss Watches Piaget

Swiss Watches: Piaget

Piaget is one of the famous Swiss Watches Brands. It was firstly produced in 1847 on the Jura snow hills. The breaking innovation of Piaget makes this brand as one of the legendary brands of Swiss Watches. For several decades, the ultra-thin watch movement is created as the revolution of watch. This revolutionary moment includes the icon of 9P; it is a 2 mm thin hard-wound caliber. In the present days, Piaget uses the exclusive and precious metals as the case and bracelet of the watch. The other innovation of Piaget is an extravagant gem-set watch with Jewellery set.

Swiss Watches: Omega

The next notable Swiss Watches Brands is Omega Watches. This brand is regarded as one of the greatest brand and watchmaking giants. Its popularity is beyond the earth. The crews of Apollo 11 brought the notable Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ to the Moon in 1969. Since that moment, Omega is declared as the first and only one of brands of Switzerland Watches which were worn on the surface of the Moon. Omega is famous for some qualities: style, reliability, performance, and accuracy. That’s why it becomes the notable Switzerland Watches Brands.

Swiss Watches: Gucci

The fashion people must be familiar with Gucci. Besides producing handbags and other fashion items, Gucci also produces watch as one of their notable fashion item. The fine watchmaking of Swiss is fused with Italian design which is very fashionable and elegant. If you want a watch with luxurious look, high class fashion for your watch, Gucci is the perfect choice of Swiss Watches Brands.

Swiss Watches Omega

Swiss Watches: Chanel

Jacques Helleu invented and designed a high-end watch which is famous as Chanel watches. The basic material of this Swiss Watches Brands is ceramic. Commonly ceramic is failed to be processed as the basic material of watch. However, Chanel as one of the brands of Swiss Watches proved that they can precede ceramic and turn it into an elegant and artistic watch. Chanel small white and black ceramic mechanical is firstly launched in 2000. For this year, it is still well-loved.

Consider the Budget First

Those are some notable and famous Swiss Watches Brands in the world. Now, if you will buy one of those amazing watches, consider these things before you regret your choice all the time. The first and the foremost thing to consider is budget. It is common to compare the watches to cars. Both of them include the mechanics which are pretty complicated. Besides, fine-art is often applied in the watch. Therefore, some Switzerland Watches Brands can cost from £500 to £5m. It means, you can invest your money by having Swiss watches.

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