The Best Mens Designer Sunglasses

For you the men, perhaps sunglasses are one of the accessories that you need, especially if you have to indulge in the sun because it can protect the eyes from UV exposure. In addition, you also often wear sunglasses to improve appearance, don’t you? Well, if you select it properly, of course, this can make your handsome face looks more attractive. Therefore, it would be better if you choose sunglasses according to your face character. However, don’t you know? In fact, sunglasses can also determine the prestige of someone, you know! Of course, this can be seen from whom the designer of sunglasses that you wear, it means what are sunglasses brand that you use. So, here, the writer will share about mens designer sunglasses to you. Check this out!

mens designer sunglasses

Rayban Sunglasses

The first is mens designer sunglasses ‘Rayban’. For you the users of sunglasses, maybe you would be familiar with the Rayban brand. Well, Rayban is sunglasses brand that is indeed one of the most well-known today. Rayban sunglasses began its history in 1937, produced by the Company named Baush & Lomb (BL) which is currently the most prominent specialist company and the brand of eyewear maker.

As one of the famous mens designer sunglasses, of course, there are many models of sunglasses that have launched. One type Rayban sunglasses that is the most famous today is Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses. This sunglass worn by super actor Tom Cruise, making this became so popular even become a fashion icon at the time. In addition to Wayfaref, there is another model that is no less famous, that is Rayban Aviator. This began to climb in popularity since used by General Douglas MacArthur.

Well, the professional mens designer sunglasses are never out of ideas indeed. After launching the wayfarer and aviator, Rayban also launched outdoorsman sunglasses. The main characteristic of these sunglasses that is the hook in the middle of the lens, and the edges are circular to be stuck in the ear and cannot be separated when used. After that, in 1967, Rayban back to innovate by producing Balorama Rayban which has a rather wide middle frame thus considered to be refreshing in the world of sunglasses fashion.

amazing mens designer sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses

The next is mens designer sunglasses ‘Oakley’. It was first created by Jim Jannard in 1975. You need to know that Oakley sunglasses are made of a lightweight material so your nose will not scuff and your ear will not itch by using it. The absence of such allergic reactions and light spectacles of Jim Jannard’s product is the main attraction and managed to make Oakley become popular sunglasses favored by consumers, especially among young people.

There are many sunglasses that have been launched by these mens designer sunglasses. In 1980, Oakley released a pair of glasses called O-frame. Then in 1983, Oakley began selling ski goggles. Oakley sunglasses that are made are eyeshades as a pilot for the types of sunglasses with a sports orientation, followed by the Frogskin Oakley with casual style. From here, Oakley sunglasses are increasingly recognized by many people.

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