The Best Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Knowingly or not, most people ever wonder at least once, why black people have very curly hair until the point it can be combed. It’s like a defense mechanism to the sun. The original black people in Africa live in a very hot and humid place. In this article, we will show you some of the best natural hairstyles for black women. It may sound a bit tricky to style such a hair type, but with the right step, you can have a good and inspiring style too.

natural hairstyles for black women

In natural hairstyles for black women if you have ideal head shape like Danai Gurira, you can have extra short haircut. It’s the simplest one. You won’t need too much care too. Next black women natural hairstyle is inspired by Lupita Nyong’o. She has two shaved parting and Mohawk style. Another inspiration comes from Teyonah Parris. She style her hair with asymmetric up do. If you want medium length hair, you can try Kelly Rowland crazy mess hairstyle, or side sweep style like Corinne Bailey Rae.

You can also dye your natural hairstyles for black women blonde like Serena Williams. You can also try Solange Knowles A-Line long hair. Front bun by Yaya Da Costa is a worth try to if you want a different style. You can also try up do with a headband like a crown. You can also always make the ultimatum style like dreadlocks. You can play with the dreadlocks for other variation like what Ledisi does, make a front flower bun.

How to Take Care of Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Natural hairstyles for black women need the correct care too. The first think you must know about black women hairstyles is your hair type. You can have wavy type, means that the hair have long S curves with little amounts of body. Next is curly hair that usually has a lot of body but little sheen. The last is kinky or coily hair that is the most usual in African hair type. It’s curled tightly and the driest hair type. Usually black people only can’t have straight hair unless they press straight the hair.

natural hairstyles for black women 2

To take care of your natural hairstyles for black women you need to have different care for each type too. Or wavy hair, use shampoo with moisturizer, then continue with conditioner and leave-in. Use boar bristle brush for combing, and brush your hair when it’s not completely dry. Trims regularly to prevent damaged end or split end. For curly type, use moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and leave in. Sometimes, you need to wash your hair with conditioner only, without shampoo. Use very wide tooth comb, and don’t comb it too often. Don’t use towel to dry wet hair.

The last tip is for kinky natural hairstyles for black women. This type of hair needs very careful care because usually the hair is fragile. In kinky dark skinned women hairstyles to detangle hair is best to start from end to roots while your hair still slightly wet with your finger coated in conditioner. Wash your hair only once a week with conditioner after. Don’t use heat to dry your hair. That’s all about African hair that you should know. You need to look for the right way to wash your hair on internet too.

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