The Best Shaved Hairstyle for Women in 2015

When you think that hairstyles with shaved design will only fit for men, you have made a big mistake. Girls also make a good look with the shaved hairstyle itself. There are many kinds of aura that you can with the hairstyle and now, I will give you great shaved hairstyles for women. This hairstyle is the best hairstyles for 2015 and you can take it as your personal style whenever you want.

shaved hairstyles for women

Fantasy Cut

For the first shaved hairstyles for women that I will elaborate, the fantasy cut will be the starter for it. This fantasy cut is the cut which is made with some imaginary pattern of shaving in the shaved part. The part which is shaven is the lower back of the hair. You shave a half of the back part of the hair. For adding more wonderful look, you can add some etched design which comes with corona shaped etching or other flower that you like. Then, in the upper part, you can set the long hair that you have to have to bun in the upper side of the hair.

Evening Undercut for Woman

Now, as we have deal with long shaved hairstyles for women, now we will deal with the short one. The short design for the shaven hairstyle for women is the evening undercut. This hairstyle is shaven in the side parts to create undercut and then leave the upper hair in punk design for the touch of the longer hair. For making more womanly and feminine look, you can design it the front part with small fringe and give more shine in the hair itself.

Slick Back Undercut for Woman

Then, the next design is the slick back undercut. These shaved hairstyles for women come with shaven part in the pack part only with short cut in the side and an inch of hair in the upper part. The example of this haircut is the Yasmin LeBon and it will give a little masculine look for making younger and cooler look. For feminine touch, you can add some glossy product for making the women shaved hairstyle gets more elegant and beautiful.

famous shaved hairstyles for women

Outgrown Undercut

Then, for the last best shaved hairstyle for women, you will have the outgrown undercut. Its appearance is made from long hair which then is designed with undercut in the side and back. The long hair from the upper hair will fall in both side and create some volume and space between the hair and the face. This style is better comes with asymmetric design for adding more elegant and free appearance in the shaved hairstyles for women.

Those are the lists of the shaved hairstyles for women that I recommend for 2015. Now, as a woman, you should not be afraid for having such haircut because that haircut. You need to be creative if you want to be different and it also relates to your hairstyle. Now, choose which one that you want and start to look different and make many people amazed with your appearance.

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