The Best Short Choppy Hairstyles

Summer is still quite in a long time, but short choppy hairstyles are never wrong idea. It will make you look fresh and have modern look. These short uneven haircuts also easy to style, there is no need to waste time on your hair anymore. This article will tells you on some styles, and what type of faces and hair suit them best. If you have thin or fair hair, you can give voluminous look by creating point-cut ends. If your hair is already thick, you can create texture. Here are some of worthy examples of hairstyles to try.

short choppy hairstyles 2

The first among short choppy hairstyles is rock bob style. You can do mid-length cut on fine to medium hair. Heat, oval, or round faces are the most suitable to try this. You can use mousse on damp hair, blow dry your hair with round brush thermal, and do light separation with your fingers. Last, you can finish with hairspray and leave-in conditioner. Nect is copper punkette style. You can make choppy bangs accent on your copper dyed hair color.

To do the punkette in short choppy hairstyles, you can start with using lightweight texturizing hair spray. And then use paddle brush to blow dries your hair. Use fingertips to make separation. Finish with hairspray. This style will look good on medium hair in round, oval, and heart shaped faces. If you are fan of 80’s style, you can do this rounded choppy haircut in flaxen blonde and champagne color. The style will look best on medium or thick hair in oval, round, or square face.

Further on Short Choppy Hairstyles

If you have thick hair in short choppy hairstyles, you can also experiment in finger wave fever style. You can create this short uneven hairstyle by using smoothing lightweight lotion in damp hair. Blow dry use paddle brush, and then straightening iron to make the wavy texture. Use your fingertip to make separation, and then finish with leave-in and hairspray. This style will look good on any face shape. If you want to go back even more, you can try the seventies soiree.

short choppy hairstyles

To do this 70’s short choppy hairstyles, you need softly chopped layers. You can use lightweight texturizing lotion on damp hair. Next, use paddle brushes to blow dry it. Style our bangs away from face and create geometric look. Finish with hairspray and leave-in conditioner. This can be suitable on thick hair in square, round, and oval ace shapes. If you dare, you can dye your hair red and try this girl on fire style.

To do this short choppy hairstyles, you can use lightweight texturizing lotion on damp hair. Use paddle brush to blow dries it. Style the bangs away from the face in messy look. You can finish this style hair in short choppy cut with hairspray. You need to have thick hair in square, oval, and round faces. Those are some examples of the hairstyles that you need to know. The most important thing is to match your style with your hair types and face shapes.

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