The Coolness, the Luxury, and the Beauty of Navy Blue Handbags

Did you take a liking to a cool but luxurious handbag by any chance? If you don’t mind about dark color, then navy blue can be your choice here. Actually, navy blue which is a dark blue color suits men more than women. However, that is the reason for this color to have cool image already even when you don’t know how good it is when it is designed. Navy blue handbags appear to be well made in various brands. Let’s take a look below.

Michael Kors Camden Large Drawstring Satchel Bag

Michael Kors Camden Large Drawstring Satchel Bag

Having heard of the name Michael Kors, you should have understood that this kind of navy blue handbags will be high in quality. This brand has been pretty famous with its luxurious accent in every of its products. Michael Kors Camden Large Drawstring Satchel Bag itself is pretty good and is truly designed with luxury in its design. As the name suggests, this navy blue satchel bag is a large drawstring satchel bag. It is made of soft leather that makes skin contact comfortable.

What makes it look luxurious from a first glance is that it has golden hardware to give chic color on the navy blue. This kind of navy blue handbags is also decorated with removable golden chain as well as leather shoulder strap. At the top, there are even drawstrings with snap and tassel to prevent the things inside to come out accidentally. It is basically pretty strong and quiet roomy inside. With front hanging logo charm, it adds another luxurious accent to this bag.

Deux Lux Lucy Bucket Bag

Moving from the roomy satchel bag, let the writer tell you one kind of navy blue handbags that is more like a pouch this time. Although it does not mean for bringing lots of thing inside, it can be chic decoration on you. Deux Lux itself always tries to bring flirty accent to all of its products, even to this bag that is called as Deux Lux Lucy Bucket Bag. Navy blue colored handbag does not have to be big so that it can be noticeable.

Being as small as this bucket bag, it is what will draw people’s attention instead. With the design as chic as this bag, surely people will notice something chic hanging down from your hand. For this type of navy blue handbags, wrinkled faux leather becomes the material it is made of. Moreover, just like the first bag, this one has drawstrings at the trimmed top as well. The navy blue color itself is complemented with adjustable shoulder strap that has golden chains on it.

There you go. Both of them have pretty good design, right? In fact, they have both cool color and cool design that can contribute in giving chic look on the ones who hold it. By seeing those examples, you should understand that navy blue bags don’t suit the men only. If they are designed very well, navy blue handbags can even match women’s image and taste very well.

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