The Effect Of High Heel Tennis Shoes

Wearing high heels for most women is mandatory. In addition to increase height, wearing high heels also make your posture looks better because it backs appear upright. However, be careful, wearing the high heels as a habitation is not recommended. There are some kinds of high heel shoes such as high heel tennis shoes. Some of the popular brands of high heel shoes for example are high heel tennis shoes Nike, high heel tennis shoes Amazon, and high heel tennis shoes converse. There is bad effect of wearing the high heels over and over. It will turn out for the health.

The point of view of health expert

The point of view of health expert

According to some health experts, high heels will have an impact on changes in bone shape legs when worn by children. For adults’ users, high heels certainly not at risk of foot bone changes such as children. But high heels should be no more than three centimeters if you want to wear it on a regular basis. Many external risks such as falls and ankle pain, especially for those who are not accustomed wearing the high heels especially the high heel tennis shoes.

The impact is most often experienced by the ‘high-heels lovers’ is usually a pain in the ankle. The harshness of the soles coupled with high heel also as the bad risk. Some of high heel lovers may be had already fallen in love with their shoe models but very uncomfortable for wearing it such as the high heel tennis shoes. Those are the options that you must choose; good performance and more confident but not good for the health or may be only non-high heel shoes model but good for the health and more comfortable.

Tips for wearing healthy high heel

There are some tips for the ‘high heels lovers’ in order to minimalize the impact of high heel shoes especially the high heel tennis shoes. Mostly, the problem is the shoes sol of the high heel shoes is not too soft. It is the source that makes you sore, please try to use gel heel cushion. Gel heel cushions are made from soft thermoplastic rubber. This gel is blended with main bearings that are also made of gel. It will provide comfort to the heel. With the gel heel cushions, you no longer need to feel the pain as a result of soles that are too hard or uninteresting.

For those who like to wear high heels, especially the high heel tennis shoes, try taking the time to do stretching every morning. This step can make the muscles are not tight and smooth blood circulation. To relieve the pain or soreness that has already occurred, you can also soak the feet in warm water with add a little salts. The salt is rich of minerals including magnesium. It will help the body repair and regenerate damage system of the body.

Wearing the high heels especially the high heel tennis shoes are constantly also can increase the risk of inflammation of the thumb, foot bone damage, and increase the risk of curved fingers. The high heel is too high also making foot slid to the front of the shoe for body weight is concentrate on the toes.

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