The History of High Heels from the Inventions to Present

Today, there are many kinds of shoes that we can use for making our appearance get more interesting. Although shoes commonly do not add significant appearance, some shoes can add more auras to the wearer. The shoes which can add more aura to the wearer is the high heels. We know that high heels are something which is identical to woman so wearing these high heels will surely add more feminine appearance to the woman. Now, I think we need to look back to the history of high heels that has given a great contribution to woman’s aura.

The Chopines of High Heels

The Chopines

When we talk about the history of high heels, the origin of these feminine shoes is the Chopines. Chopines have a bad origin because in the old times, these shoes are used by the prostitutes in Venice. The shapes of these shoes do not resemble today high heels. If today’s high heels come with back raising, the Chopines are raised in the back and the front parts which make the wearer get higher. These Chopines also have different kinds of version in the Italy and Ottoman Empire. These Chopines are firstly revealed in the 1400s.

The First High Heels

As the Chopines are the prototype of the high heels, the real design which resembles today’s high heels appears in the 1590. The history of high heels that ever are ever recorded says that the high heels are firstly appeared when Queen Elizabeth I use it. These shoes appear when Queen Elizabeth was painted and those high heels are made from leather. The other features in these high heels are the straps which are called as latchets and used for fastening the high heels in our leg.

Viva La Difference

Then, the next development of the high heels comes to the viva la difference which makes the design of the high heels get more aesthetical. In this history of high heels, the shoes now are designed with more decoration as the tendency for woman’s wear has started to attach in those shoes. This is the high heels history when the man’s wear start to fade in the high heels as the man’s shoes are started to be made in more practical function than decorative. 1660 is the year where this first high heel is invented.

The First High Heels

The Flat Heels

There is also a history of high heels that show high heels in flat design. In the 1840, the history for high heels record that the high heels become flat because the revolution happens in France and America. Then, in the 1850, the true shapes of the high heels return again.

The Stiletto

For this last design, I believe that you have known about the Stiletto. This is the last design of high heels in the recorded history of high heels. The design is brought by the Christian Dior who works with Roger Vivier. These stilettos also become the symbol of sex in today’s life. Now, I hope the brief history high heels have given you a good insight toward these wonderful shoes.

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