The Most Expensive Ladies Designer Handbags in the World

For ladies, the appearance is the most important matter because they always want to look special in other’s eyes. They will do anything to make themselves look great including choosing any stuff that they will wear. To make their appearance great, there are no few girls who will spend so much money to get what they will wear. In this case, I will talk about ladies designer handbags which becomes the most expensive handbag in the world. Without wasting so much time, let us find out about it.

Ladies designer handbag fendi


For the first ladies designer handbags, I guess many ladies who are fond of style will surely know about this brand. Chanel is the brand which becomes the companion of many actresses and stars in Hollywood which come to The Oscars itself. Their products include high quality of material and strong design that can last for many years. The durability of their product is really wonderful. This brand has come to this business since 1909 and that is why their experience as ladies handbag designer cannot be beaten easily.


If we have seen the ladies designer handbags which comes from the Uncle Sam’s country, now the Fendi is the great designer for ladies handbag which comes from Italy. They sell many varieties of handbag with great material and their grand design is the “Baguette” or B Handbag. Then, the material which is used also comes from the best material that will ensure a really great durability and strength. The varieties of their product come from the design of black crocodile, white lambskin, and many more.


Then, the next ladies designer handbags that you should meet is the Hermes. The product from this designer is often regarded as the symbol of the wealth and prosperity because they always provide the best material for their bag. Some bags which are made with high price are decorated with 10 carats of diamond which is attached in the bag so it makes the bag become really interesting bag to show the wealth and the richness of the owner of the bag.

Ladies designer handbag chanel

Hilde Palladino

Then, the next great ladies designer handbags is the Hilde Palladino. The product of Hilde Palladino is crafted from the finest material that they can get and there are many rare materials too which are used for making their bag. Their grand design, the gadino bag, is said to be decorated with 39 diamonds in its bag. The bag comes with white crocodile leather and there are some white gold for making the bag glow better. If a bag can be made with such material, the price will surely make you choke.

Those are some great ladies designer handbags that comes with really great price for their product. If you are planning to have this handbag, I am sure that you should be ready for the effort to keep it. The great bag surely wants to have a good preservation although the bag will come with great strength too. The expensive price surely comes from the great hand of designer of ladies handbag.

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