The Romantic Silver High Heel Sandals

Absolutely, the high heels is the creation that showing the glamour and the elegant. At the same time, it consists of the multifunctional usage whether it is for the formal event or the informal events. To create the different perspective on the fashion, there are two ideas that you can apply. First is to move away from the mainstream and present the newest thing or the second is to showing them the newest design. For instance, it is silver high heel sandals that can be used in some purposes.

The Romantic Silver High Heel Sandals

The design

The first reason why: you have to prefer silver high heel sandals to other because the silver color can be suited with other color. As the example, you wear the white cocktail dress or the red gown. Those are capable to beautify your selves. Moreover, the design and the style are available in some variants. It is the silver single straps high heel sandals. The feature explains that the heels are 7 cm. Then, it is typically open and the straps are the major holder. It can be described that there are three straps on the front parts.

They are tied gathering in the middle and there will be linked line to the upper part shaping the V letter to trap the leg. Those are functioned to keep your front feet are staying on the place while the ankle will be held by the circle straps using the lock silver hook. Further in silver high heel sandals, the modifications are made on the material including the leather. Then, it is colored by the silver with the beads pouring to make it shinier.

At the same time, the silver high heel of the front sandals part is wider to save your toes from the irritation. It is a normal situation that your weight and the landing features of the heels are pressing the feet. For the most irritation, it mostly happens on the thumb and the little fingers. Yet, if you have a proportional weight, it is possible for you to take the narrow front part even the limitation to use the high heels should be arranged. Well, to purchase silver high heel sandals, you have to prepare the basic range around $48.00.

The silver single straps high heel sandals

The pleated peep

The last in silver high heel sandals is the romantic pleated peep shoe. In the detail, it is absolutely different from the previous. It seems like the ballerina shoe, but the material creates the hard textures. It is much safer because the heels are not quite high and the weight body does not go through the foot at all.

It is suggested that silver high heel sandals cannot work maximally if the surface structures of the land is not stable such as the beach. That happens because the heels will be going down deeply and you cannot walk perfectly. To solve that thing, you have to replace silver high heel sandal with other design that providing the wide surface to step. It is obviously working perfectly to hold your weight.

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