The Various Styles That You Get in Royal Blue High Heels

Shoes are one of the most interesting wears that will add more appeal these days. For women, shoes are like another wears in their body that will add more beauty and enchantment in their appearance. Now, as we get many kinds of shoes, I think the world’s attention will surely get interested in the royal blue high heels. These high heels are really great and interesting because there are many designs which are offered and the color of the high heels itself is so much calming. Now, for getting the blue royal high heels that suit you, I will give some description about the design of this stuff.

Blue royal high heels

The Peep Toe and Pointed Toe Designs

First, the design that you can find for the royal blue high heels is the peep toe and the pointed toe designs. The peep toe comes with wide design for the toe and the pointy toe comes with smaller or pointed end in the front part of the high heels. If you want to have a feminine look in strong way, the pointy toe will serve well as the small end will get along well with woman’s favorite body shape which is slim.

The Stilettos and the Block Heels

If you want more decorations in the design of your royal blue high heels, the stilettos will suit your heels well. The stilettos come with thick pad in the front part. This stiletto is the new model of today’s high heels that become the sex symbol. Then, when you need a thick pad in the back part, the block heels will suit you best. When you have the block heels for the high heels of royal blue, you will have a greater balance as the surface which is used for standing in the back part is so much wider than common high heels.

Heeled Sandal and Sling Back

Then, there are also royal blue high heels which are used for expressing casual and sexiness from the wearer. Those high heels are the heeled sandal and the sling back. The Heeled Sandal is stronger in creating casual and sexy look as it exposes more flesh in your leg. The back part of the heels will appear in this design along with the front part of the leg. Then, for the casualness and sexiness in more polite way, the sling back design will be great for you. This design comes with covered design in the front and only exposes the back part of your heel.

The Various Styles That You Get in Royal Blue High Heels

Kitten Heels

When we say that royal blue high heels always add more height, that statement is not totally true. For you who want to have less tall look with heels, you can use the kitten heels design. This design comes with tiny pump in the heels.

Those are the design of the royal blue high heels that you can have. Your job now is just matching the best design that will make you look perfect. The thing that you should find when you wear the high heels in royal blue is the comfort. When you feel comfortable, you will surely look beautiful.

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