Things to Consider in Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Eyes can be supportive face feature. They make the other face feature complete and perfect. People have different eye colors to each other based on their race and tribe. The European people tend to have blue eyes. The blue eyes implicitly seem like two blue gemstones which are totally beautiful and they bring statements too. They are very special. Therefore, makeup tips for blue eyes are special too. Blue eyes can be the dominant face features. Make them pretty and unforgettable with these blue eyes makeup tips.

Things to Consider in Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Terracotta to Draw Attention Quickly

Draw people attention to the blue eyes by applying terracotta eye shadow. This one of makeup tips for blue eyes is the fastest way that makes the blue eyes warm and stunning. The famous public figure like Doutzen Kroes and Adriana Lima often apply this makeup trick for blue eyes to layer their eyelid. Purple shadow can be a good pair for the blue eyes too. The purple shadow can bring accent for the blue eyes so they will not get lost in green and blue shadows.

Pick the Right Eye Shadow

The eye shadow is an important part of makeup tips for blue eyes. Thus, it should be picked rightly. Choose the right eye shadow for every moment and time. If you want to have blue eyes makeup trick for daytime, lavender eye shadow can be a good option. For the evening, deep plum is wonderful. To improve your look in the special night events, metallic, icy pink and turquoise are great touch of blue eyes makeup tips.

Smoky Eyes for Blue Eyes

Smoky eyes can be a great choice for your makeup tips for blue eyes. Apply dark blue mascara for your evening events. Pair this mascara with charcoal eyeliner which is smudged. Blue eyes can also be paired with the other blue such as dark blue to bring the natural blue tones out in your eyes. Combining blue with black is a perfect makeup trick for blue eyes for the night events. Pair this makeup with navy mascara or eyeliner. Soon, blue eyes makeup tricks can bring a less intense but dramatic look for your own.

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Make it Perfect with Winged Eyeliner

Complete the makeup tips for blue eyes with winged eyeliner or cat-eye. The blue eyes will be the focus of your face. It also suits any shades from violet to orange and from black to turquoise. The winged eyeliner can be used as the daily blue eyes makeup tips. You can have a great look every day with this idea. To have more dramatic, a thicker line which is more exaggerated is recommended. It can be a great makeup trick for blue eyes for special events and occasion.

Consider Lip Color and Blush

Pair your makeup tips for blue eyes with the perfect lip color. The lip color should be toned down to make the blue eyes emphasized. A pale pink or a peachy brown can be the great options. Take the focus off the peepers with dark or bright lip color. Pair it with a light blush in a very natural blue for your cheeks. Finally, your blue eyes makeup tricks is completed.

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