Tips for Applying Eye Shadow Shapes

Probably one of the most important things to learn to do properly to make your appearance looks gorgeous is blending your eye shadows. And the shape of your eye shadow is the big deal because it is according to the shape and color of your eyes. In this article you will get a couple of great tips for applying eye shadow shapes so can get a few of techniques and styles that you can choose. By doing these great tips for applying eye shadow shape, you will become the center of the attention when you are attending special occasions. There are basic shapes that you have to know.

Tips for Applying Eye Shadow Shapes

Snow Globe

Snow globe is great for those of you who have flat eyes because this shape will give you the illusion that they are found. You can use a shimmer in the middle of the eye lid, and a matte shade on the inner and outer part of the eye, if you want to add more dramatic look. If you want to do this one of the tips for applying eye shadow shape, it is best to use the flat stiff brush, but you have to make sure to blend the lines where the colors meet.

Smokey Eye

If you want to apply this very popular eye shadow shape, you can simply pat a dark color all over the lower lid by using a flat, stiff brush. After that, you have to use a soft dome brush which is completed with a medium or light color and the crease area should be blended to soften the look.

Tips for Applying Eye Shadow Shapes

Cat Eye

One of the tips for applying eye shadow is cat eye shape. This cat eye look can be worn with eyeliner or eye shadow. Usually, women prefer use eye shadow that eyeliner because it gives it a softer appearance. You can start to do this by using eyeliner and then follow the lower lash line upward towards the outer part of the eye. After that, by using this cat eye shape you can pull your eye upwards by applying your darkest shadow to the outer corner in a large winged shape. To set and soften the line, you can use a pencil brush to go over the line. If you want to bring the color over the top part of the eye, you can use pencil brush also. This shape is perfect for those for those of you who have rounder eyes because it will create an almond look to the eye.

Cut Crease or Open Banana

If you want to apply a cut crease, you have to use an eyeliner pencil or you can also use a chiseled brush to make a defined line in the crease of the eye. Without blending out the defined line, you can blend the color out and upward slightly. And then, If you want to create a look that is edgy and sharp, you can place a lighter shade on the lower lid below the crease.

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