Tips for Buying Trendy Jackets for Kids

If you want to buy jackets for kids, you need to pay attention for details. Like in what occasion or season is the jacket for? Is it Formal or informal? Is it to be worn in winter or summer? Is it for a boy or girl? How old is your kids? An older kid won’t want to wear a jacket with a cartoon character. They will think it’s too childish. What is your kids taste in color, pattern, etc.? You also must consider the budget because jacket can be quite pricey. Here, we will give you some tips in choosing kids jackets

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Buying Jackets for Kids Boys

When you are buying jackets for kids, especially boys, first you need to consider the material. By choosing the material, it can also determine the jacket use for winter, rainy days, or only keep your boy protected from sun in the sunny days in summer. You can consider down jacket which is thick and have some layers that can be worn even in the coldest winter. You can also alternatively choose parka that is longer and has attached hood to keep you warmer. If it’s not too cold, you can choose fleece or jeans jacket.

If you want jackets for kids that can be worn in a rainy day, you can consider raincoat. But in cold winter, raincoat can’t give the warm needed. You can consider waterproof jacket to keep the kids warmer and dry then. There is also lined jacket, a two-in-one inside out jacket that you can choose in light or heavy material based on the season. The last, in a sunny day you can choose light jacket from synthetic material such as polyester, nylon, or Gore-Tex. Next, you need to determine the size. Because boys tend to grow faster, you better buy bigger size, so you don’t need to buy again soon.

Buying Jackets for Kids Girls

Choosing Jackets for kids girls can be more complicated than choosing the jacket for boys since they have more various design, pattern, and color. Buying jackets for children, especially girls, you need to really pay attention for the details. If your kid is only 4 years old, maybe she will like jacket with their favorite characters like minions or frozen characters. You must know your kids preference too. Not all girls like pink and flowered pattern.

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Like the jackets for kids boys, buying the girls jacket also need to consider the materials. It will consider the use in what occasion and weather too. After that, you need to consider the size. Additional features like zippers, pockets, hoods, or other can also be considered if you want more stylish jacket. But, the most important thing that you can’t forget, of course, is the comfort factor. It’s no need to be stylish, if you can enjoy wearing it.

Other tip for buying jackets for kids if you want to save money if buy removable hood jacket. That way, if the weather starts to be warmer, you can take the hood off. You can also buy secondhand kids coats, especially if your kids are still very young. Children under 5 years old will only wear jacket for a season, so it can be a waste of money to buy a bra nd new every time. Sometimes, you will find that the cheaper less popular brand have the same quality with the expensive branded jacket. You only need to look more thoroughly.

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