Tips How to Put Make Up

How to put make up, for those of you women, then surely you will never be separated with this kind which is called by makeup. This is because make up is a kind of thing with is considering a primary need. For women need make up to make their performance becomes great. Just imagine when you are going to work, party, or vacation but you just look pale without any make up applied, then it just will make you look bad.

how to put make up

For that, make up is an important that must you have, this is important due to it can make you more self-confident and always looks beautiful whenever and wherever you go. How to put make up is important to be noted.

How to put make up is a thing that must be known by every woman. This is because there are many women in which apply make up in order to make their appearance to be more beautiful but it is just a waste time due you do not know how to put make up. If you do not know about how to put make up, then it is guaranteed that you look will ruin. For that, in this article, it will be provided to you about the information and explanation on how to put make up that will be explained below.

Using foundation

The first thing that must be known by you on how to put make up is by applying foundation. Applying foundation is the base thing in which to do because it is such like a foundation in your face. If you apply the foundation better, then it will make your next make up step becomes better to anyway. In choosing foundation on how to put make up, then it is recommended for you to choose the foundation color which matched with your skin. This is important because if you choose the contrast then you will look not natural as like a makeup dolls.

Eyes shadow decoration

The second this on tip of how to put make up is by applying shadow decoration. Shadow is an important thing to do. This is because eyes shadow can give the best and beautiful eyes to look. For that, you can apply eye shadow according to the occasion that you will attend for example you want to go hang out with your friends, then you can choose shadow color that is natural and casual as like brown and creamy color. Besides, for those of you who want to apply the sparkling thing as like party dance, and then you can match the color with your dresses on how to put make up.

Lipstick colors

The next tips of how to put make up is about lipstick. As we know that lipstick is the central attention whenever and wherever you go anyway. Just imagine when you are going to the party dance but your lip is just pale then you just like a walking dead anyway. For that, applying lipstick in an important to do. You can apply lipstick red for a sexy look and you can apply the natural matte color for more natural look make up.

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