Tips on Buying Motorcycle Jackets for Women

Right now, not only men can wear motorcycle outfits and gears. There are many women who like to ride a motorbike. Even, if she doesn’t ride, having motorcycle jackets for women is a must if you often go with a boyfriend or a friend drive in the front. Even if you never ride a motorbike before, purchasing a women motorcycle jacket can always be a good investment. Here, in this article, we will give you tips on how to choose a stylish jacket but still meet the comfort ability and safety requirement.

Motorcycle jackets for women

Leather jacket maybe is the most popular one to wear. It looks very stylish and cool if you wear that in motorcycle jackets for women. But, if you live in a very hot and humid place, it’s not advisable since you will feel uncomfortable soon. You may go for synthetic fiber materials that are more breathable. Of course it can’t be as long last as the leather jacket, but you will feel more comfortable. If you still want leather look motorbike jacket for women, you can choose the one that combined both synthetic and leather at the same time.

Further on Motorcycle Jacket for Women

Because usually you wear other clothes underneath, you must make sure that your motorcycle jackets for women are slightly bigger than your usual clothes. It’s also better if you choose jacket that cover your lower back for an extra protection. Jacket that is only cover until your waist may look cooler, but it doesn’t offer protection for lower part. Remember that safety should always come first. To add even more protection, choose the one that has shoulders and elbows protector.

Black color also can be the most popular and stylish motorcycle jackets for women, but it can be quite dangerous for a night ride since you can be clearly visible. You can choose jacket that has reflective strips woven or piping when the headlights afflict it. You must consider the quality of the jacket too. It may be a little bit pricey, but you need a jacket that will last long with a proper care. So, make sure you know how to take care the jacket correctly too.

Motorcycle jackets for women 2

If your motorcycle jackets for women are made from leather, you need to stop them from drying and hardening by regularly put the leather oil or balm on them. You can also use Vaseline. Make sure to spray your women jacket for motorcycle with waterproof spray first before use the oil. If you have synthetic fiber jacket, make sure you follow the instruction that usually on the tag. You can also spray the waterproof spray or even go to professional to clean your jacket if you are worried.

We have some examples of motorcycle jackets for women that you may like. The first is Women’s Stella Bionic 2. Besides has CE approved GP shoulder and arms protectors, it also has foam and plastic chest guard and removable level 2 Bionic back protector. If you want more colors choice and water resistant at the same time, you can choose women’s Cleo 2.2 Mesh Jacket. It has extended back and waterproof audio device pocket with integrated cable port too. It offer more protection and entertainment at the same time.

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