Tips on Using Makeup for Girls

Nowadays, we see a lot of girls meaning those who are still teenagers, using a lot of makeup. The demand to look as attractive as possible and social environment can be one of the triggers. It also can be mean that they want to show off that they are already ‘grown up’. Using makeup for girls is acceptable if you know what are suitable. You must also remember that too young is not advisable to wear makeup. Guidance and control from the parents is always needed. This article will tell you about girls’ cosmetics.

Makeup for girls

Further on Makeup for Girls

In makeup for girls, you need to start gradually, not at once. You can start with lip gloss and light applied face powder at age 10. And then, you can start to introduce foundation at age 14. Next, when she is already 17, she may be allowed to use lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, blush on, eye shadow and others. But, don’t let makeup become your teens’ obsession. Tell them that heavy makeup is only for special occasions. They will be okay even without makeup.

Next tip on makeup for girls is to make sure your choices match with your skin tone. Basically, there are three types of skin color, pale or cool, fair or neutral, and dark or warm. If you have pale skin, go for warm color. You can choose beige or golden beige shades. For blush on you can choose apricot or salmon pink. If your skin is more neutral, go for foundation in the same shade with your skin. You can add bronzing powder if you want. For blush on, try peaches or pinks.

Next, if you have dark tone, you have wider choices. You can do experimenting in your makeup for girls. You can choose gold, metallic bronze or sun kissed colors. You can also try from bright pink to burgundy for blush on. The lips shape can also become consideration in choosing the right color for lipstick. If you have full lips, you can choose dark or light matte or cream textured finish. But if you don’t want your lips looks fuller avoid bright tone; pinks, coppers, or maroons will work the best.

Makeup for girls 2

If you have thin lips, you need light color and glossy finish in your makeup for girls, to make your lips looks fuller. You can use lip pencil to make your lips look even bigger. Avoid dark colors, except if you want your lip looks thinner. Your eye color can also determine your cosmetics for girls. The right eye shadow’s color will compliment your eye color too. If you have hazel brown eye color, you can go for any color luckily. If you have dark brown color, you can go for deep shades like brown, blacks, navy blues, dark grays, or others.

If you have green eyes, you need to choose purple pinks, plums, or other mauve color for your makeup for girls. If your eye color is blue, you should avoid blue color too. Go for gold colors, peaches, oranges, browns, or pinks. For a beginner, basic girls’ makeup is a must. You need at least BB cream like Pond’s luminous finish BB+ cream, brow pencil like NYX auto eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipstick, blush on, eye shadow, and mascara.

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