Top 10 Popular Designer Handbags

If you do not know about designer handbags, you should be old fashion women. Designer handbags now have showed their dominance in fashion world and a little bit moved the clothing place in the store. All of these big developments are created by top-branded manufacturers who have tried their best in creating a new mode of designer handbags. I will show you some popular designer handbags which are the most favorite nowadays in online shopping websites.  Hopefully, this article will make you recognize what handbags which happening in 2014. Here we go the top 10 popular designer handbags.

Top 10 Popular Designer Handbags

1. Alexander McQueen De-Manta Leather Tote

The first of top 10 popular designer handbags is made by Alexander McQueen. The name of this leather handbag is De-Manta Leather Note which has priced at $1,450 from site. The designs are classic and elegant black tote color. You can match this handbag with your dark long dress outfit and perfect is yours.

2. Mulberry Oversized Alexa Bag

Still from the same site, it was named Oversize Alexa Bag by Mulberry. Its price is around $1,550 and I am sure you have no regret after bough this popular designer handbags. Two different sides are fused in this handbag, modern and classic.

3. Celine

Celine’s first appearance was spotted by paparazzi on Kourtney Kardashian hand several months ago. It showed with a combination of yellow and black color. This handbag has a trapeze-line shape which is the pioneer of modern handbag. Although this is unusual designs or now, some fashion reviewers believe that it will boom next year.

4. Givenchy

Who doesn’t know Givenchy? This handbag was launched since spring 2013 and it is still happening until now. The price is around £1166 and you can find this at It comes with pale blue version and snakeskin motif.

5. Alexander Wang

Came from bowling bag designer, Wang has tried his opportunity in creating popular handbag and its works. You can see his perfect handbag at There are plenty of his creation especially handbags.

6. Dolce bucket

If you are looking for a handbag for your beach holiday, Dolce’s compact raffia bucket bag is the answer. Actually this handbag is not made for beach but also casual events. The best color is black because it fits with your existing repertoire. The price is £1,165.

7. Chanel

Chanel is spacious handbag or five times bigger than usual handbag. Classic design and elegant color are fused in one handbag which priced at £1,450.

8. Louis Vuitton

Petit Noe is the masterpiece of redesigned the Champagne bag label which was made since 1932. Now it is available with variant colors which had priced £842.

9. Maison Martin Margiela

Practical and spacious handbag is the most demanding thing for women. You can get it just at £1,090 of prices. Margiela tote is its name with a range of chosen colors, and your problem will be solved. There are chrome handles in order to keep your keys save.

10. MiuMiu

The last but not least, it called MiuMiu handbag. It comes with leather materials which is the most expensive materials nowadays. However, the price is just £995. Cute and quirk designs are implemented for MiuMiu’s bag.

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