Unique Long Curly Hairstyles For Men

If you are a man and you have Long curly hair, what will you do to your hair? May be, you have certain thought to change it into straight short, straight long or anyhting. Having such problem, you actually need a recommendation to make your selves more confident with some touches in modeling your hairstyles. This article will help you in giving advantegous suggestions or tips about long curly hairstyle maintenance. There are some notices for you to maintain your long curly hairstyles.

Long Curly Hairstyles 4 Factors Influencing Hair Growth

Understanding Long Curly Hairstyles for Men

When you have idea to cut off your hair, actually it is so wonderful to let your hair longer to shoulder. However it needs attention because the effort you should take in growing up your hair depends on your long curly hair type. For getting long curly hairstyle the strength of your hair plays important role. Besides, the dry and and normal hair can influence your hairstyle appearance. Type of V curls needs 2 to three times to grow up and reach shoulder. It is faster than curl with type 1. Actually, there are four factors which can influence the hair growth to shoulder.

Long Curly Hairstyles: 4 Factors Influencing Hair Growth

Growth of hair has some factors which can determine how fast your hair growth can reach the shoulder to creat long curly hairstyles. The first is timing frequencey of the curly hair. Something which is important to know is the place where the hair stick grows. If it places the top part of head it needs longer time and longer distance to reach shoulder. Hair that grows at the base part of your head can reach your shoulder faster because it just needs shorter distance. For that hair growth difference you can grow all the hair with the same length by trimming in 3-6 month.

The other factor to consider in having long curly hairstyles is the type of curly hair. This is also very vital in long curly hairstyle effort because growing hair to reach shoulder needs to know the type of hair itself. Type I needs time 2,5 years, type II needs 3 years, type III needs 4 years, type IV needs 5 years and type V needs 6 years or more. Besides, the other factor to consider is the effort which is needed in keeping curly hair to looks decent.

Understanding Long Curly Hairstyles for Men

To get long hair in curl it is important also to know the effort factor. If you look at your selves at the mirror with you curly hair, you may feel the hair is so grooming. Thus, you need conditioner to keep your hair neat and looks decent in several time you face that. The last factor you should know in getting long curly hairstyle appearance is the suit of such long curly hairstyles toward your style. It can be your face shape which does not match with your hairstyle with shoulder length. In addition, such curly hairstyle with shoulder length is not proper with overweight people.

Shortly, to get long curly hairstyles needs to know four factors influencing the growth of curly hair. They are trimming frequency, the type of hair, effort to maintain and the suit to your face and body. Acually, by understanding and applying such tips, having the hairstyles does not a big problem anymore.

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