Watches for Women are More Than Just Time Keeper

The watches for women are created for time keeping so that the women will always know the time wherever they go. But for the past few decades, the meaning has been changed. Watches are part of the fashion statement for any women, just like any other pieces of clothing that they are wearing. Many women love the idea of getting themselves a new watch, thus it is one of the perfect gift idea.

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A glimpse of the history of watches for women would take you back to the 19th century. It is amazing to know that the wristwatches had been created at that time but they were called wristlests back then. However, the start of wristlests were not so easy to find. Back then, the watches were not essential as time is not as essential as today. One thing for sure, it was Abraham Louse Breguet who was noted as one of the first watchmakers for women as he created one for Queen of Napes in 1810.

Let us head back to the present time when we can se so many watches for women brands available at almost every shop. But if you are planning to find the one that would be suitable for your loved one’s gift, then you should consider one of these best watches for women.

Best Watches for Women

The first stop is Marc by Marc Jacobs. You get the watch for 185 pounds.It has a chuky and spiky rubber strap. The spikes are golden pins and they match the face of the watch in the golden studs. The numbers are poking through from the surface to create a great 3d effect. This is a watch that can be easily paired with different styles from the most casual ones to the semi formal style. If many women love the watch, most likely the one that will be receiving the gift will also be as thrilled to open her present and find the watch.

The second is line of women watches from Micheal Kors collections. This is the brand that provides variety in design, fashion and quality. Getting one of those lovely Micheal Kors watches are like getting a bottle of expensive champagne on the price of a bottle of beer.  The average price is around 200 pounds. But you can get some on cheaper prices when they are on sale. If you are looking for the the higher class watches, you can get Gucci instead. The brand is created by a fashion designer who takes every accesories as part of serious styling.

If you are ready to spend more on the watches for women, consider either Hermes or Chanel. Like Gucci, both are also famous designers’ work. The watches are pieces of art, but those form of arts will cost you more than 1000 pounds. These are the popular choices of so many celebrities and countless fashion designers, so there is no questioning on just how great the designs are. Choosing them are like making loud fashion statements.

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