Waterproof Cycling Jacket Review for Buyer’s Guide

Cycling is an interesting hobby that most people fond of it. Because cycling is so delighting, most of them don’t care of far distance. This condition makes them sweaty so they neat something to wear that is waterproof. In this case, no other thing you need than waterproof cycling jacket. There are a lot of waterproof cycling jacket variants to fulfill your need. If you want to know them one by one, we will talk about them in details here.

waterproof cycling jacket

Available Waterproof Cycling Jacket Choices against Weather

Weather can influence how sweaty you are so choosing the best waterproof cycling jacket is important here. Besides, choosing waterproof cycling jacket that performs best function may also be useful when raining. The fabric becomes the most crucial point to notice when buying a jacket. Making a fabric that is waterproof is easy in which any bin bags are waterproof. Creating a fabric that is breathable and waterproof is challenging but not impossible. Due to hard working when cycling your body will produce much sweat so the fabric have to let the water escape outwards at the same time stopping that rainwater to get in. Furthermore, water vapor may be able to pass through fabric pores which are too tiny to let the vapor of water get in.

If you are looking for waterproof cycling jacket, we have waterproof cycling jacket options to buy in market. First, there is B’Twin 500 High Visibility Waterproof Cycling Jacket providing excellent protection from rain with taped seams and a membrane material that is coated plus may reflective details for helping you visible road to work. This jacket having very good breathability and vents prices £25.

The second waterproof cycling jacket recommended to buy is Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket. It has unique feature which is totally made of reflective material. Another benefit by using this jacket is that you will be noticed when spending much time on commute. The jacket cut looks more commuter than race and it will be safe to claim an urban environment includes where the jacket designers expect the product to be worn most. Furthermore, the price of this jacket is £40.

best waterproof cycling jacket

The third waterproof cycling jacket to review here is Pearl Izumi Women’s Elite WXB. This jacket is relatively expensive but it can keep you dry and warm on the horrible days. Although there is storage shortage on it but it has room addition for that purpose in the jersey. The first thing to note from this jacket is the color scheme with high visibility, available in bright pink and yellow. Also, it is really perfect for riding visibility in day time and you will find sufficient reflective accents at the arms and the rear for ensuring you to stand out anytime. To get this one the price is £88.

The last choice that is offered is Altura Microlite Showerproof Jacket. This waterproof cycling jacket has been made to be carried and packed for emergency purpose. This simple single waterproof jacket is more matched to those light showers instead of prolonged downpours. The price for each item is £35.99.

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