Well-Known Eric Javits Handbags

Bag is a fashion accessory that can be regarded as ‘a loyal friend’ of women. Yeah, ladies and handbags are two things that cannot be separated. While traveling out of the house, you, the women usually feel that something is missing if you do not carry a bag, right? The main function of a bag is to store stuffs, such as make-up equipment, mobile phones, gadgets, tissue, and others. In addition, the bag also has another function, which is as a supporting appearance. Many women feel more confident with a bag. Currently, there are various kinds of bags that are present in the market, one of which is a handbag. Handbag is a small bag for money, keys, make-up, etc. carried especially by women. This time, the writer will talk about Eric Javits handbags.

Fall or  Winter Handbags Eric Javits Handbags

Eric Javits is one of the well-known branded from New York, in which its products are designed by famous designers. This is one branded the much sought after by the public. Eric Javits handbags are divided into two types, which are the fall/ winter handbags and spring/ summer handbags. Here, the writer will give a review of some of the products of each kind. Here is the review. Check this out!

Fall/ Winter Handbags

The first product of fall/ winter handbags by Eric Javits handbags is Aura. Aura is a handbag designed with a size of 13.5″ L x 10″ H x 5.5″ W. This handbag is equipped with dual handle bag of leather and also ornament logo tassel. This is the right choice for you who are active. With a fairly large size, this handbag can accommodate your documents and also to the size of a small laptop (notebook). At bottom, this bag is equipped with a protective toe to make it stronger. This handbag is available in the color of honey, priced at $ 665.00.

The next product is Cheri. This is one product of Eric Javits handbags that can accommodate your documents and also a pair of your heels. Yeah, with a size of 13.5″ L x 9″ H x 5.75″ W makes this handbag has more space. It is a dual function bags made of cowhide. Just like the previous bag, this also comes with a protective piece beneath it. This is available in red, pewter, and burnt, priced at $ 828.00.

Well-Known Eric Javits Handbags

Spring/ Summer Handbags

The first product of spring/ summer by Eric Javits handbags is Watuti. Handbag that is priced at $ 450.00 has a size of 15.5″ L x 12″ H x 5.5″ W. This bag is roomy enough to hold your iPad or notebooks. It is available in a variety of color choices, namely chartreuse, natural / black mix, peanut, and sulfate / black.

The second is Ariel. This is one product of Eric Javits handbags in small size, 9.75″ L x 6.5″ H x 3.75″ W. It is priced at $ 285.00, the right choice for those who like simplicity. With its small size, the bag is only able to accommodate your iPad mini.

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