What to Consider Before Buying Fur Coats for Women

If you are purchasing fur coats for women, you need to be very thorough. Fur coat can be very expensive, so you need to determine first whether to buy a real fur on faux one. There are also many types of fur that you can choose, from rabbit fur, mink fur, fox fur and many more. Women fur coats also have many design and styles as well as various quality. You need to be careful. You wear the jacket in order to feel warm and comfortable, but you will want your jacket can be worn for a long time since it’s not a thing that you can buy too often.

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Before continuing on fur coats for women, you must know both of the advantage and the disadvantage in choosing faux or real fur. First, if you are animal lover. You may against the use of real fur since the animal need to be killed. So, for animal lover they may opt to wear the faux one. And then, if you don’t have enough budgets to purchase the real one, buying the faux one is more realistic. Faux fur also easier to maintenance because it doesn’t need a special care like the real fur does.

But, in the other hand, choosing faux fur coats for women has its own consequence. The faux fur is fabricated and it can be unfriendly to the environment. The faux fur texture is like the one use for carpet. It will feel coarser than real fur. A real fur will feel smooth in your hand. But still, it’s up to you whether to purchase faux or real fur with its own consequence. But, if you choose real fur, we will tell about characteristics of different fur.

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Further on Buying Fur Coats for Women

The most affordable fur coats for women are the one made for rabbit fur. It’s the cheapest among the other fur. It’s very soft and silky. It’s also light in term of weight. You can dye rabbit fur coat too to make it has different look. Next in women winter coats is mink fur coat. May it’s the most popular one. Mink fur has elegant and luxurious look yet it still way cheaper than most of fur. It’s only more expensive than rabbit fur coat. It’s soft, lightweight, and can be long lasting.

Other quite affordable fur coats for women are maybe lamb fur coat. It offers extra warm feeling especially Tibetan or Mongolian lamb. The only downside maybe it’s quite heavy. Next, we have chinchilla fur coat. It can be the most expensive one because it’s very soft, maybe the softest one available. It’s thick and dense but still lightweight. Besides being very expensive, it needs extra care too.

So, after knowing some kinds of fur available, you can determine which one is suitable for you. Which one you really need and can afford. Be a wise and smart shopper. For the fur coats for women, there are terms guard hair and underfur. Guar hair is the layer visible that has longer fur, while underfur is inside layer that is shorter. Sometimes, fur jackets for women can be worn in both ways.

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