Winter Hats for Women: Useful Guide of Winter Hat Selection

Winter always comes with its certain story during some season transitions in a year. We often found some preparations or adaptations by people in some countries which faces winter. Fashion is one of the fundamental aspects which should be adjusted during winter season. No wonder, clothe or another fashion equipment like hat is found in certain design. Hat which in summer is functioned as head protection from sunshine with certain design, in winter there is some considerations in choosing winter hats for women. This article will explain you about such women winter hat guidance.

Tips to Wear Winter Hat for Women

Tips to Wear Winter Hat for Women

The first thing you should consider in choosing winter hats for women is determining facial shape. If your face shape is square or round, it is recommended to select low profile hat with straight brim. If your face is long shape you can choose hat with low profile and wide brim. Meanwhile, if your face is oval, it is flexible to choose any hat work style. It is also important match the hat size with your head because wearing too big or small hat will cause your face proportion whether it is bigger or smaller proportion of face.

While women usually like to keep having long hair, hairstyle is also important to consider in choosing winter hats for women. As women winter hat adjustment, you should make your hairstyle in simply style during wearing the hat because cold and damp air can cause your hair to fall round. It is better to keep the hair in low pony tail which is useful to keep your hair put together and sleek. Fur curly hair, it is recommended to you to avoid beanie hat for winter because it is easy to frizz by damp weather. Meanwhile, long hair is the type of hairstyle which is very proper with beanie hat.

Types of Winter Hats for Women

Not all types of hat are suitable to wear in every occasion so there are some winter hats for women which fit with what you want for the winter. There are beanie hat, bobble hat, and fur hat to match with winter necessary. The first is beanie hat which is very popular and it is made from fleece or wool. It can be found in plain color and simple design. The next is bobble hat which is very common to use by child since it puts ball on the top of hat. The last is fur hat which is made from fur and it image glamour looking for formal winter. In UK this hat tend to be worn by women.

Types of Winter Hats for Women

Tips to Choose Winter Hats for long Face

It has been known that face shape determines winter hats for women selection. If you have faced a mirror and found that your face is type of long shape, you should follow some regulations in choosing winter hats for women which fits your long face shape. Long face can be identified with the appearance of face which points jaw and also prominent cheekbones. The other long face type can also be with narrow face which can be called as oblong face. Meanwhile, it is better to abuse using hat that is set high on forehead because it can make your face seem longer.

Thus, facing winter does not only need cloth adjustment but also hat adjustment. In choosing the proper hat, it depends on the face shape, head size and type of hat to use. Without think wisely in choosing winter hats for women, it will impact to your winter fashion style.

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