Working on Korean Make Up on the Eyebrows and the Lips

It must have been quite often for you to see Korean idols, right? They always appear in various dramas, concerts, etc. that you often see through internet, television, etc. Have you ever wondering how they can be so pretty? One’s outer beauty is not something that we can’t work on by ourselves. If you want to be like those pretty Korean idols, why not trying Korean make up then? Don’t think that it is an impossible thing to do! There are various simple make ups you can try.

Korean Make Up

Let’s Make Straight and Sharp Eyebrows

One thing that you would notice from Korean make up is the common but the most favored straight and sharp eyebrows. Well, basically, these eyebrows don’t have an arched line, like what we have normally and naturally. Simply put, they do like a straight line on top of your eyes. With sharp end on them, this Korean idol’s make up on the eyebrows sure is able to bring chic and fresh look on you. It is what contributes in making you look young to the fullest.

In order to make it, you need to tidy up your eyebrows by using a brush. Make sure to put a thin layer of glue at the end of the eyebrows to keep the hairs in one place. Since the end of the eyebrows would arch down, you need to use concealer to hide that. Then, the last thing you need to do is to use eyebrow pencil to draw the proper straight line on your eyebrows. Make the end a bit sharp to complement it. Here you go. Korean make up on the eyebrows is done.

Let’s Make Gradient Sweet Lips

Another thing that you need to work on this time is the lips. In order to complement the chic and fresh eyebrows, you need to make your lips look sweet. It must be the look that is suitable for young girls. That is why pink is the recommended color for this purpose. The make ups of Korean idol always look fresh and sweet, right? So, gradient sweet lips with pink color are the best to realize your Korean make up on the lips.

Working on Korean Make Up on the Eyebrows and the Lips

But, how can we work it on? As it was said earlier, this one includes as simple Korean make up. It doesn’t take a long time to make. All you need to do is to apply skin toned foundation on your lips. After that, you can start to apply pink lipstick with brush on the center of the lips. Make it bolder on it and make the pink lighter surrounding it. Try to make the bolder and the lighter ones look natural so that the gradient sweet look of lips can be obtained.

This is it. These are two Korean idol-like make ups that are pretty simple and timeless to work on. Of course, there are many other make ups you can try. Don’t just stick on these make ups! Furthermore, you still need to learn how to make Korean make up on the eyelids, cheeks, and the others as well. You don’t have to go to salon to make up if you want to learn and make them by yourself. So, spare some times for it.

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